Malfinia Ensemblo- Varsovia

KVITNU is pleased to announce new artist Malfinia Ensemblo with their first album “Varsovia”. Recorded in Warsaw in late 2012, The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher came together to work on their first album quite spontaneously after sharing a tour in Europe with their individual projects. Through the common idea of creating dark, abstract, and beat-driven pieces, Varsovia began to take shape. The outcome is multi-layered drums mingling with deep and dark synth lines destined to send the listener into the stratosphere and beyond. While the first 5 Tracks are more “song oriented”, (with Agnes Szelag as a special guest on 2 tracks), the last piece “La Universo estas Atomo” is a side length sound voyage. Influenced by the look and feel of the city of Warsaw in late November, The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher spent a few intense days in the studio sculpting this multi-dimensional album. It is an epic work, reflecting their common ground and travels through this intense and interconnected world.

Malfinia Ensemblo is the duo of The Norman Conquest and Andi Stecher. Malfinia Ensemblo was born from a desire to work, assimilate, and revitalize the western club and beat culture with a more experimental and open language. With their work, Malfinia Ensemblo combines and touches upon genres such as Krautrock/Darkwave/Hip-Hop/Shoegaze/Post-Rock/Pop; but they always remain faithful to their noise, improvisation, and experimental backgrounds. The band name comes from the unifying language of Esperanto, and translates to “Infinite Ensemble.” The band chose Esperanto to represent their diverse roots as well as the current interconnectedness of the world.

Here’s a couple excerpts from the album-

Mensa Lavango (excerpt)

La Universo Estas Atomo (excerpt)


And here’s the first review via Frans de Waard at Vital Weekly


One of the things I always thought about is this: how would Pan Sonic sound when they would be using a real drummer. Just for a moment I though Kvitnu shared my curiosity and that the Malfinia Ensemblo is the answer. But this is not entirely the case. Malfinia Ensemble is a group made out Andi Stecher (drums, percussion, composition) and The Norman Conquest (analog synthesizers, electric bass, electric cello, charango, composition, recording, sound manipulation, mixing & mastering). They met while touring in Europe and recorded this album in 2012 in Warsaw. Five shorter pieces can be found here and one longer. It’s close to home of Kvitnu’s brand of forceful, loud and rhythmic music (hence the Pan Sonic connection/idea I had, but this actually a bit further removed from that), but there is also a great form of sound scaping, sound sculpting on this album. Introspective at times, but usually held together with the forceful bang on the kit. The first five pieces are relatively short and

to the point and usually quite hard rhythmic affairs with more contemplative moments. For the final piece, roughly one half of the length of the release, ‘La Universo Estas Atomo’, Malfania Ensemble goes out to more improvised music, inspired by Warsaw (the city, not the band), on a grey November day when this was recorded. This is also heavy, but more chaotic, due to the improvisational character of the music. It has actually quite a symphonic character this music (maybe they were thinking of Bowie’s ‘Warsaw’ too?). It works well, but I preferred their more shorter and concentrated outbursts as showcased by the first five pieces. Quite a nice release, given it’s more different nature, and as such as fine addition to the Kvitnu catalogue. (FdW)


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