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Andrew Jamieson; forthcoming, 2018; Mixing

Yoko Miura; Finland, forthcoming, 2018; Mastering

Kobieta Z Wdym; forthcoming, 2018; Mixing

smoon; na haju; forthcoming, 2018; Composition, Performance (synthesizers), Recording, Mixing, Mastering


Marco FerrazzaCitizen; Setola di Maiale, 2018; Mastering

LottoVV; Instant Classic, 2017; Editing, Mixing, Production

Brett CarsonMysterious Descent; self-released, 2017; Recording, Mixing

New Cage; Wszystko Jutro; self-released, 2017; Mixing, Production

Yoko Miura, Ove Volquartz, Gianni MimmoAir Currents; Setola di Maiale, 2017; Mastering; New Trends in Aesthetic Street Photography; VF Industrial, 2016; Recording, Sound Manipulation

Jack O’ The Clock; Repetitions of the Old City – I; self-released, 2016; Recording (drums & bass)

Kristen; Las; Instant Classic, 2016; Editing, Mixing, Production

Lotto; Elite Feline; Instant Classic, 2016; Editing, Mixing, Production

Duży Jack; Uczucia; Lado ABC, 2016;  Mixing, Editing

Black Spirituals; Black Tape; Monofonus Press, Astral Spirits, 2016; Recording

Yoko Miura, Gianni MimmoDeparture, Setola di Maiale, 2016; Mastering

Resina (Karolina Rec); Resina, 130701 Records (subsidiary of Fat Cat), 2016; Editing, Mastering

Mateusz Franczak; Long Story Short, too many fireworks, 2016; Editing, Mixing, Production

Andi Stecher; austreiben / antreiben; Heart Of Noise, 2015;  Mastering

Yoko MiuraCielo 2, Setola di Maiale, 2015; Mastering

Rinus Van Alebeek And Michał Libera; Play Alvin Lucier – Chambers; Bôłt Records, 2015; Mastering

Shelton / Lonberg-Holm / Rosaly; Resounder; Singlespeed Music, 2015; Mastering

Kristen; The Secret Map; self-released, 2014; Editing, Mixing, Production

Malfinia Ensemblo; Varsovia; Kvitnu, 2014; Composition, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, Analog Synthesizers; Mensa Lavango (excerpt)La Universo Estas Atomo (excerpt)

dokuro; AVALON; Monotype Records, 2014; Recording, Editing, Mixing, Synthesizers; AVALON 10 minute promotional mix

Mike WeisDon’t Know, Just Walk; Type Records, 2014; Recording, Mixing, ARP 2600 Analog Synthesizer

Krzysztof Ścierański; Night Lakes, Polskie Radio, 2014; Recording, Mixing; Africa (excerpt); Aj Lawju Bejbe (excerpt); Blues in C Sharp (excerpt); Funk (excerpt); Salsa (excerpt)

Addledsmottle; ‎Weird Ear, 2013; Recording

David Maranha, Andrea BelfiRombo; Tulip, 2013; Recording

Agnes Szelag, Jason HoopesOctober Pieces And Shadows; Trestle Records, 2013; Recording

The Norman Conquest; Myriad; The Tapeworm, 2013; Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Instruments (pretty much any and all of them); Myriad (excerpt 1), Myriad (excerpt 2)

Ava Mendoza; The $100 Guitar Project; Bridge Records, 2013; Recording

John Tilbury; For Tomasz Sikorski; Monotype/Bôłt/Bocian Records, 2012; Mastering

The Norman Conquest/Agnes Szelag (split vinyl LP); nadir/ZENIT; Rural Faune synth series, 2012; Composition, Recording, Mixing, Mastering; nadir (excerpt)

Cosa Brava, The Letter; Intakt Records, 2012; Recording, Sound Manipulation; Emigrants (excerpt); The Letter (excerpt)

Miron Białoszewski, plays Adam Mickiewicz “Dziady”; Populista (in collaboration with Bôłt Records), 2012; Mixing, Mastering; Oto dziesiąta wybija (excerpt)

Jean-Louis Costes, plays Marquis de Sade “Justine”; Populista (in collaboration with Bôłt Records), 2012; Mastering; Evil is the Best Way to Good (excerpt)

Ergo Phizmiz with Alessandro Bosetti, Maciej Cieœlak, DJ Lenar, Lula, Julia Ziętek, play Robert Ashley “Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon”; Populista (in collaboration with Bôłt Records), 2012; Editing, Mixing, Mastering; Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon (excerpt)

Holden, Words; self-released, 2012; Recording, Production, Mixing; In Love (excerpt); Detox Street (excerpt)

Portraits, Portraits; Important Records, 2012; Recording, Mixing; Sa (excerpt)

Zeena Parkins, Double Dupe Down; Tzadik Records, 2012; Recording

Chuck Johnson; A Struggle Not A Thought; Strange Attractors, 2011; Recording; The Flying Spire Don’t Have No Mercy (excerpt); A Slender Thread (excerpt)

The Atomic Bomb Audition; How to Dismantle a U2; self-released, 2011; Synthesizers, Sound Manipulation, Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Wiener Kids, What A Mess; self-released, 2011; Recording, Mixing; Goner (excerpt); My Bike (excerpt)

Theresa Wong, The Unlearning; Tzadik Records, 2011; Recording, Mixing; Farandula de Charlatanes (excerpt); Proud Monster! (excerpt)

Myrmyr, Fire Star; Under the Spire Recordings, 2011; Production, Recording

Don Buchla & Alessandro Cortini, Concert DVD; self-released, 2011; Recording

Jack O’ The Clock, How Are We Doing, And Who Will Tell Us?; self-released, 2011; Recording

Chris Duncan, The Sun; self-released, 2011; Mastering

Lulacruza, Circular Tejido; Nature Bliss/Acqua Records, 2011; Recording

Sun Circle, Tapes; Autumn Records, 2010; Recording (track 2/2)

The Atomic Bomb Audition, Roots Into The See; self-released, 2010; Production, Recording, Mixing, Vocals, Synthesizer, Sound Manipulation; Bas (excerpt); Limit (excerpt)

Barn Owl & The Infinite String EnsembleThe Headlands; Important Records, 2010; Production, Recording, Mixing, Vocals, Moog pedals, Acoustic Guitar; Light (excerpt); Condensation (excerpt)

Barn OwlAncestral Star; Thrill Jockey, 2010; Production, Recording, Mixing, Vocals, Doepfer Modular Synthesizer; Light From the Mesa (excerpt); Ancestral Star (excerpt)

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Love Is A Stream; Type Records, 2010; Mastering; Stained Glass Body (excerpt); Star Garden (excerpt)

Zachary James Watkins, Black Spirituals; The Tapeworm, 2010; Recording; Black Spirituals II (excerpt); Black Spirituals III (excerpt)

Anne LeBaron, 1, 2, 4, 3; Innova Recordings, 2010; Recording

Evon, The Bees Are Coming; Aphonia Recordings, 2010; Recording (drums and guitars only), Electric Guitar; Oakland (excerpt); The Shortest Hour (excerpt)

Pink Canoes, Pink Canoes; Sixtyhurts Records, 2010; Recording; Invocation (excerpt); Explication (excerpt)

Ilyas Ahmed, Live at On Land 2009; Root Strata Records, 2010; Recording

Keith Fullerton Whitman, Live Generators (1); Root Strata Records, 2010; Recording

Quentin Sirjacq, La Chambre Claire; Brocoli Records, 2010; Production, Recording; Car Je Cherche le Vide (excerpt); Song (excerpt)

Phillip Greenlief, lines combined; Evander Music, 2010; Production, Recording, Mixing; Seventh Combine (excerpt); Second Line (excerpt)

Kristine Barrett, Lily Maude Horseman; self-released, 2010; Mastering; Islanded by Fields (excerpt); Meadowlark (excerpt)

Cosa Brava, Ragged Atlas (with Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Matthias Bossi, Carla Kihlstedt); Intakt Records, 2010; Sound Manipulation, Recording; Snake Eating Its Tail (excerpt)

Ava MendozaShadow Stories; Resipiscent Records, 2010; Recording, Mixing; Kiss of Fire (excerpt)

Josh Berman, Aram Shelton, Weasel Walter, Last Distractions; Singlespeed Music, 2009; Recording; Straw Men (excerpt)

Myrmyr, “The Sea Returns” from The Amber Sea; Digitalis Recordings, 2009; Recording; The Sea Returns (excerpt)

Barn Owl, The Conjurer; Root Strata, 2009; Production, Recording, Mixing; Ancient of Days (excerpt); Red Horizon (excerpt)

Jon Porras, Nemcatacoa; Digitalis Ltd., 2009; Mastering; Deep Mirage (excerpt)

Evan Caminiti, Psychic Mud Shrine; Digitalis Ltd., 2009; Mastering; Midnight’s Road (excerpt)

Zachary Watkins, Country Western; Important Records “The Harmonic Series” Compilation of Musical Works in Just Intonation, 2009; Recording, Mixing; Country Western (excerpt)

Wu Fei, “Red Carriage” (Featuring Shayna Dunkelman) from Yuan; Tzadik Records, 2009; Recording, Mixing; Red Carriage (excerpt)

The Atomic Bomb Audition, Light Will Remain; self-released, 2008; Sound Manipulation, Production, Recording, Mixing; Copernicus (excerpt); Reseda (excerpt)

Dokuro, The Black Room; Aphonia Records, 2008; Sound Manipulation, Mastering, Production, Recording, Mixing; October Moon (excerpt)

Gregg Kowalsky, Tendrils in Vigne; Root Strata, 2008; Recording, Mixing; Tendrils (excerpt)

Elliott Sharp & Antoine Berthiaume, BASE; Ambiances Magnétiques, 2007; Mixing; Neck (excerpt)

Maryclare Brzytwa & Antoine Berthiaume, Bebe Donkey; Ambiances Magnétiques, 2006; Recording, Mixing; She Also (excerpt)

The Atomic Bomb Audition, Eleven Theaters; Hector Stentor, 2006; Sound Manipulation, Production, Recording, Mixing

Gregg Kowalsky, “Tendrils (guitar pickup)” from Through the Cardial Window; Kranky Records, 2006; Recording

Antoine Berthiaume, Quentin Sirjacq, & Norman Teale, Leaves and Snows; Ambiances Magnétiques, 2005; Sound Manipulation, Recording, Mixing; Nuclear Times (excerpt); Freedom Fried (excerpt)


recording bio:

The Norman Conquest [TNC] is a producer and recording engineer specializing in esoteric music at the intersections of experimental, rock, modern classical, metal, avant-garde, & drone.  Utilizing both standard and unconventional recording practices, TNC uses the recording studio as his instrument.

Some of the artists that TNC has recorded include Barn Owl, Grouper, Elliott Sharp, Mute Socialite, Gregg Kowalsky, Quentin Sirjacq, Zachary Watkins, Alee Karim, Agnes Szelag, Marielle Jakobsons, Ellen Fullman, Stuart Dempster, Phillip Greenlief, Molissa Fenley, and Blixa Bargeld (of Einsturzende Neubauten).  TNC’s recordings can be found on record labels such as Tzadik, Thrill Jockey, Intakt, The Tapeworm, Root Strata, Important, Ambiances Magnetiques, Digitalis, and Tompkins Square Records.

In addition to recording, TNC performs as a sound manipulator and vocalist in Cosa Brava (with Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Matthias Bossi, Carla Kihlstedt, & Shahzad Ismaily), Art Bears Songbook, & Dokuro (with Agnes Szelag).  TNC has performed all throughout Europe and at various international festivals including FIMAV (Victoriaville, Canada), Musique Action (Nancy, France), Music Unlimited (Wels, Austria), Music for People & Thingamajigs (San Francisco, CA), and the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival.