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(from the san francisco amnesia performance on may 18th, 2010):

Miniature 3 (We Stare Into the Sun)

Miniature 4 (The Road Descends)

Myriad of Light


other videos:

The Exchange (Dokuro– Agnes Szelag & The Norman Conquest)

(presented at the 10th Annual San Francisco Electronic Music Festival)

ARP 2600 Death Dance

Mantra in A 2008-2009

Feedback for Percussion Solo (featuring Shayna Dunkelman)

(presented at the 11th Annual Music for People and Thingamajigs Festival)

Purgatory X

Purgatory XI

The Fall of the American Empire

Requiem for the American Empire

Study in Black, White, & Grey

Study in Black (& White)

Study in White (& Black)

One Second/Line Day

9 Planets