The Sound Projector review of Shadow Stories by Ava Mendoza:

“…that energy translates directly onto the disc here thanks to the vivid recording quality courtesy of engineer The Norman Conquest.”  READ MORE

The Wire magazine review of The Black Room by Dokuro:

“…This is extremist fare that blasts awat the earwax without leaving you feeling pointlessly bludgeoned.”  READ MORE

xlr8r magazine review of The Black Room by Dokuro:

“…Composer buddies Agnes Szelag and The Norman Conquest go from soft, prickly synths … to brainy, noir-ish beats … that are the soundtrack to Merzbow’s dreams.”  READ MORE

textura online review of The Black Room by Dokuro:

“…kicks up some serious feral dust in The Black Room”  READ MORE

The Wire magazine review of Leaves and Snows by Berthiaume/Sirjacq/Teale:

“…[Norman] Teale’s delicate electronic soundscaping and sensitive interactions are remarkable for such a young and relatively inexperienced player…  Each of them brings something worthwhile to the mix, and Teale’s engineering and editing of the session is exemplary- this is one of the best-sounding CDs I’ve heard for quite some time.”  READ MORE