Myriad is released!

Buy the cassette at the Touch Shop (Europe)

or, buy it at Forced Exposure (U.S.A.)

Myriad” is a piece of music that contains 10,000 tracks of recorded audio.  While 10,000 tracks was the original goal born out of a curious naiveté, it became apparent to me through the recording process that I was exploring something bigger than just a simple, large number.  In the Tao Te Ching, “10,000 Things” is a term referring to all of phenomenal reality.  In many ancient schools of thought, it’s a number which is almost incomprehensible; it is something approaching the infinite.

For me, the process became a celebration of life, sharing music with friends, and one facet of a realization of a lifelong query into the infinite.  In the end, the whole piece became a sum much greater than the individual parts; to me it sounds like a million bajillion tracks.  The sound is that of an army of loving friends, musicians, and companions joining together through my vision to create a sound unlike anything ever heard in the universe.  Strains of my biggest influences can be heard throughout the piece, from Tchaikovsky to Phil Spector to Nine Inch Nails to Glenn Branca to Xenakis to etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.

As an interesting side note, the (extremely tiny 2 inch by 2 inch) artwork consists of 10,000 dots and was also created by me.

It is being released in an extremely limited edition of 154 copies, so get it soon before it disappears.  If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can physically find it at Aquarius Records (not yet, but soon), but otherwise the links above are your best bet to grab a copy.

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