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split LP- The Norman Conquest “nadir” + Agnes Szelag “ZENIT”

find it on vinyl LP here or digitally and here’s an excerpt of nadir

The Wire magazine review of “The Black Room” by Dokuro

(2008- David Stubbs) Based in Oakland, California, Dokuro are visual artist/composer Agnes Szelag and the magnificently nomenclatured The Norman Conquest. They include the word “pop” in their self-definition, which is a little like Sunn 0))) locating a Country & Western element somewhere in their music. This is extremist fare that blasts away the earwax without […]

textura online review of “The Black Room” by Dokuro

(2008- textura) Dokuro, which unites electro-acoustic improvisers Agnes Szelag and The Norman Conquest, kicks up some serious feral dust in The Black Room. Though four of the EP’s five pieces are short, brief running times don’t prevent the pair from plunging into viral, feedback-infested pools where electronics and cello meld into feedback-drenched vortices. Much of […]

xlr8r magazine review of “The Black Room” by Dokuro

(2008- Martin De Leon) Dokuro is a duo from Oakland that uses ambient noise like a six-string guitar on their gorgeous EP The Black Room [Aphonia].  Composer buddies Agnes Szelag and The Norman Conquest go from soft, prickly synths (“The Ghost Goes West”) to brainy, noir-ish beats (“Kuroneko”) that are the soundtrack to Merzbow’s dreams.