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Myriad is released!

Buy the cassette at the Touch Shop (Europe) or, buy it at Forced Exposure (U.S.A.) “Myriad” is a piece of music that contains 10,000 tracks of recorded audio.  While 10,000 tracks was the original goal born out of a curious naiveté, it became apparent to me through the recording process that I was exploring something […]

Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble, Ancestral Star, The Atomic Bomb Audition releases!

Got three vinyl releases that I’ve been working on for the past coupla years that are being released this month: Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble The Headlands on Important Records featuring Ellen Fullman, Theresa Wong, Barn Owl, and myself!  Limited edition of 500. Roots Into the See by The Atomic Bomb Audition, featuring […]

Jack O’ The Clock/Vanessa & Her Many Moons Show!!!

Come out to Kimo’s in SF this Tuesday March 16th to hear some spectacular music played by lovely souls- Jack O’ The Clock and Vanessa & Her Many Moons!  Jack O’ The Clock is going on tour them, NOT TO BE MISSED: