update mid-2011

it’s been a hectic 2011 up to now, but i’m finally recuperating from the Bay Area in gorgeous Euroland.

i finished recording my piece for 10,000 tracks of audio titled Myriad and am now in the final stages of mixing. ¬†4 years of love, sweat, and beers have gone into making the most amazing piece of music that i’ve ever heard. ¬†gonna shop it around to a few different labels soon, so look for an update here in the near future!

you can look at the recording page for more info, but here’s a short list of the records i’ve finished so far in 2011:

Theresa Wong (The Unlearning- Tzadik Records);

The Norman Conquest/Agnes Szelag (split LP- Nadir/Zenit– Rural Faune synth series);

Myrmyr (Fire Star- Under the Spire Recordings);

Jack O’ The Clock (How Are We Doing, And Who Will Tell Us?)

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