Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble, Ancestral Star, The Atomic Bomb Audition releases!

Got three vinyl releases that I’ve been working on for the past coupla years that are being released this month:

Barn Owl & The Infinite String Ensemble The Headlands on Important Records featuring Ellen Fullman, Theresa Wong, Barn Owl, and myself!  Limited edition of 500.

Roots Into the See by The Atomic Bomb Audition, featuring me on synthesizer, voice, and sound manipulation.  Also a limited edition of 500, only $10 and it includes a free digital download code!  We’re playing this Saturday, November 20th at the Hemlock Tavern with Cartographer and Snailface for our record-release show!!!

Barn Owl‘s Ancestral Star on Thrill Jockey.  They’re also on tour right now, playing the 18th (tonight!) at the Issue Project Room in New York, the 19th in Philadelphia, the 20th in Cincinnati, and the 21st in Chicago.  Then be sure to check them out in San Francisco at The Independent on December 16th when they open up for Lichens and the legendary stoner metal band Om.

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