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Cosa Brava “The Letter” review from prog archives

This Prog Archives review by frippism is quite glowing, in particular in reference to my work on the newest Cosa Brava album. Here’s some excerpts from the review: “I’d say, though, that probably the strongest element this album has is its production. The Norman Conquest, as he calls himself, manages to give the album such […]

Cosa Brava – The Letter

you really should buy the new Cosa Brava record NOW.  at one of these fine retailers: RER Megacorp iTunes but if you must read some reviews before you buy: Baby Blaue OR Intakt Records

current/upcoming projects

just an update as to recent comings and goings: -recorded with phillip greenlief a coupla months ago.  alternating between single-tracked and overdubbed pieces, they’re all extended technique saxophone tracks inspired by the art of eva hesse and robert rauschenberg.  the album should be out within a month or so on evander music. -just started working […]

cosa brava tour

check out the performances page for all the details. already got a few really choice exit signs from germany:

Ragged Atlas reviewed on NPR’s California Report!

Check it out! UPDATE!  Buy the album on iTunes here.