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freelance work updates

haven’t posted in a minute, but these fine records that I audio engineered (recorded, mixed, and/or mastered) were released in 2017- Lotto- VV– Nov. 23, 2017 Brett Carson- Mysterious Descent– Nov. 18, 2017 New Cage- Wszystko Jutro– Jun. 6, 2017

Mantra In A 10 year anniversary

I’ve been recording this piece of music for the past 10 years.  The “score” is simple- create/record one “A” every day for the rest of my life.  Any instrumentation/octave, but the score changes every year (at least the methodology of how the 365 A’s are combined for that year).  I also obsessively take pictures of […]

2 records that I mixed were picked as the top albums of 2016 by the Polish press!

Płyta roku “Wyborczej” – finał. Oto dwadzieścia najlepszych polskich płyt 2016 r. GOOGLISH TRANSLATION- Album of the year “Election” – the finale. Here are the twenty best Polish plate [albums] 2016. #1- Lotto – Elite Feline BUY IT! or just listen to it and #5- Kristen – Las BUY IT! or just listen to it

Myriad is released!

Buy the cassette at the Touch Shop (Europe) or, buy it at Forced Exposure (U.S.A.) “Myriad” is a piece of music that contains 10,000 tracks of recorded audio.  While 10,000 tracks was the original goal born out of a curious naiveté, it became apparent to me through the recording process that I was exploring something […]

Cosa Brava “The Letter” review from prog archives

This Prog Archives review by frippism is quite glowing, in particular in reference to my work on the newest Cosa Brava album. Here’s some excerpts from the review: “I’d say, though, that probably the strongest element this album has is its production. The Norman Conquest, as he calls himself, manages to give the album such […]